In compliance with the High Royal Instructions and the enlightened vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may ALLAH assist and glorify him, particularly in the management of the Coronavirus pandemic and the reduction of the resulting economic and social impacts;

And in application of the constitutional principle that the costs caused by disasters must be borne jointly;

And in the context of accompanying the efforts made by the public authorities to deal with the repercussions of this pandemic;

And after the decision of the members of the Board of the Provincial Council of Rabat, the Secretary of the Council, his deputy, the heads of the standing committees and their deputies, to contribute to the special fund dedicated to the fight against the pandemic of COVID-19, up to the equivalent of one month’s indemnity;

The Rabat Prefectural Council held an extraordinary session on Thursday, 26 March 2020, in strict compliance with health security measures, during which it examined a set of actions and measures to deal with this pandemic, as an unconditional support and commitment in this battle that our country is waging to preserve the security of citizens.

Thus, during its study of the single item on the agenda for this session, the aim of which is to programme the actual budget surplus for the financial year 2019, to a set of actions that fall within the framework of the Coronavirus Pandemic Management Fund, while supporting the strengthening of health protection and supporting social centers specializing in posting people in precarious situations, in particular to increase their hosting capacity.

The Council also decided to allocate a budget envelope for the purchase of food to support families in precarious situations.

The members of the Rabat Prefectural Council, from all political tendencies, expressed their appreciation and support for all the measures taken in this regard, as well as their active involvement in the solidarity campaign to address this difficult situation.

These same officials wish to thank Mr. the Wali of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra Region, and all the local authorities working alongside him, for the support they give to the Prefectural Council and for their efforts, sacrifices and initiatives to preserve the security of the population.

Below are the details of the emergency measures taken and for which a financial coverage of MAD 12,779,876.26 has been allocated:

  • Contribution to the Coronavirus Pandemic Management Fund: 1,500,000.00 Dirhams ;
  • Acquisition of various equipment and materials for the benefit of social centers: Ain Atig – Mohammédia for social protection; Al Amal for the elderly and children, within the framework of the campaign against the Coronavirus pandemic: 900,000.00 Dirhams;
  • Acquisition of technical equipment for the Prefecture of Rabat within the framework of the campaign against the Coronavirus: 3,534,876.26 Dirhams.

As part of the operating budget, the following was decided:

  • Purchase of food for poor families affected by the Coronavirus pandemic with a budget of : 3,345,000.00 Dirhams;
  • Purchase of antiseptics to sterilize the streets and neighborhoods of Rabat, with a budget of 3,300,000.00 Dirhams;
  • Rental of means of transport and other sterilization equipment, with a budget allowance of 200,000,000.00 Dirhams.

May ALLAH protect our country and maintain its stability and security under the high patronage of the Commander of the Believers, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may ALLAH assist Him.

Saad Benmbarek

President of the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Prefectural and Provincial Councils