The founding general assembly of the association was held on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 3:30 pm
Moroccan chiefs of provincial and prefectural councils at the “Du Vue” hotel in the Riyadh district of Rabat
In the presence of the gentlemen, whose names were mentioned, with the attendance sheet she accompanied

The constituent general assembly was chaired by Mr. Saad Benbarek on the preparatory committee, where he initially thanked the attendees for accepting the invitation. After discussing the stages and the steps taken by the Preparatory Committee to reach this stage, he touched upon the reasons and reasons for establishing this association, highlighting that the goal is to form a new framework that works alongside these territorial units to encourage cooperation and mutual support and exchange experiences as well as
To serve as a sole discourse and suggestive force before government agencies and international organizations

Study and ratification of the draft statute
Election of the President and members of the Executive Office
The proposal of the heads of the permanent committees to the general assembly for approval
Study and approval of draft rules of procedure

The draft Basic Law of the Association has been confirmed that the preparatory committee that prepared it was keen on
. Send it to all members to give them time to review it and make notes about it today

Within the framework of the discussion, some interventions were recorded that aimed to suggest some amendments that were introduced and included in the law
To be approved unanimously with authorization to the office to be elected to make the necessary corrections to it

After that, the attendees moved to elect the president, since after the announcement of the opening of the list of nominations for the presidency, he submitted
Mr. Saad Benembarek as the sole candidate, and accordingly, Mr. Saad Benembarek was elected President of the Association by the consensus of the attendees.

After that, the President took the floor, who thanked everyone for the confidence he had wished
Upon good expectations gentlemen members

Regarding the election of the members of the Executive Office, it was highlighted that it was agreed during the meetings of the Preparatory Committee on
Taking into account all the parties by giving the authority to each party to choose its representative in the position of vice president and a representative
. Second, to occupy other positions, taking into account the representation of all political currents within the office

This is after the election of representatives of the authorities and the suggestion of other members to assume the tasks of chairing the committees and the rest of the tasks within the office
Those who will join the managing bureau are granted authority to the president of the association, together with the members of the bureau, to oversee the process
The order of the representatives of the representatives, as well as the appointment of the rest of the members (the general secretary and his deputy – the treasurer and his deputy – the committee chairs

Then the attendees moved to study the draft bylaw of the association, where it was confirmed that it was in order to expedite the direct
Assembly for its work as soon as possible to focus on the challenges faced by the prefectures and regional councils, and ahead
Difficulty calling another meeting, as the Preparatory Committee prepared a draft bylaw for its study. And so and after
Access to its contents has been approved with the office granting the authority to make the necessary amendments to it

Before raising the meeting, the president of the association thanked all those who contributed from far or near in his speech
The success of this gathering, highlighting that the success of this newborn depends on the gathering and concerted efforts of all members to achieve the goals
Who created this space

L’un des travaux les plus importants de cette assemblée générale est l’élection à l’unanimité des composantes des structures de l’association comme suit

Membres du bureau

Saad Benembarek                                         :
Le président

Al-Masoudi Abdel Wahid
premier vice-président

Abdul Aziz Jedaie
deuxième adjoint

Abdullah Ghazi
troisième adjoint

Saeed Rahmouni
premier vice-président

Al-Masoudi Abdel Wahid
quatrième adjoint

Yassin Al Radi
cinquième adjoint/span>

Kamal Al-Mahfouz
sixième adjoint

Abd al-Rahim et Amr
le septième député

Muhammad Salem Bahia
huitième adjoint

Salek Boulogne
neuvième représentant

Abdel-Rahim Bouazza
le dixième député

Lahcen Daoudi
onzième adjoint

Cheikh Banan
le douzième représentant

Mohamed Lahmouche
Rédacteur général de l’association

Hameida Mahjoubi
Secrétaire générale adjointe de l’Association

Zuhair Al-Zamzami
trésorier de l’argent

Cheikh Banan
Trésorier adjoint

النائب الخامس  
كمال المحفوظ     
النائب الخامس  
كمال المحفوظ     
النائب الخامس  
كمال المحفوظ     

Dès que l’assemblée générale a été ajournée et que le lieu a été désigné, les membres du bureau se sont réunis pour compléter les structures de l’assemblée représentative
Dans une atmosphère d’harmonie et de compromis, en tenant compte de la représentation régionale et des équilibres politiques, ce qui
Les travaux de cette réunion du Bureau sont les suivants:

Chefs de commission

Muhammad Nasiri: président de la commission des affaires administratives et financières
Said Afroukh: Président de la commission des affaires juridiques et des relations avec les pouvoirs publics
Mohamed Lamsiah: Comité des affaires sociales, culturelles et sportives
Sidi Mohamed Salem Al-Baihi: président de la commission de coopération et des relations extérieures
Ibrahim Bouled: Président du Comité Communication, Médias et Edition
Al-Saeed Al-Muhajiri: Président du Comité de formation continue
Mohamed Al-Atwani: Président du Comité Environnement et Développement Durable
M’hamed Al-Zakrani: président de la commission des relations avec l’Afrique
Jawad Dawahi: président du comité de développement rural