Meeting of the Executive Board of the Association at the Royal Nautique Club of Bouregreg – Salé on June 29, 2019

Agenda of the meeting:

Morning session (starting at 10 am)

  • Evaluation of the application of Organic Law No. 112.14 on Prefectures and Provinces (interactive workshop) ;
  • First presentation made by officials of the Ministry of the Interior;
  • Second presentation made by Mr. Abdallah Ghazi, Vice-President of the Association;
  • Third presentation by Mr. Abdelwahed Al Massoudi, Vice-President of the Association;
  • General discussion

Lunch (1:30 pm)

Afternoon session (starting at 2:30 pm)

Follow-up of the work of the Executive Board of the Association

  • Activities of the Association
  • Modification of the Association’s budget in the light of the support provided by the Ministry of the Interior;
  • Preparation of the first national debate on children in precarious situations: “The Councils of Prefectures and Provinces and the convergence of public policies relating to children in precarious situations”;
  • Preparation of a program to strengthen the managerial capacities of elected officials of the Prefectures and Provinces;
  • Mediation of the Association in order to resolve the financial problem of the Provincial Council of Guelmim;
  • Examination and approval of the partnership and cooperation agreement with the Association “Jisr”